Bmw 428i xdrive цена

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21.07.2017 Chris Park

Why does everyone copy saabkyle

20.07.2017 myflash

What a ripoff of saabkyle. Whenever there is something good everybody tries to steal it lol nice try russian puck ass, you re accent is pretty thick haha

17.07.2017 Lukas Vidovic

Why does every person that reviews the new and series say led taillights? They re not leds

16.07.2017 Kristo49

I want buy this! D

13.07.2017 Денис АК-47

Американцы дерьмовые обзорщики! ! !

11.07.2017 AmtrakUnited

Nice chime!

08.07.2017 mephisto1025

Let s check out the exterior shall we oh no sorry wrong guy

07.07.2017 stizz1982

The inside is sick. Still love the design of the series more though.

04.07.2017 MUH FACKS

No leather?

02.07.2017 Wu FeiLong

Saabkyle? Hahaha

28.06.2017 DMZSniper

Theres times where he sounds like he s not speaking english.

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